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Tuesday, 29 July 2014


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Tea At Commons For Proctor ‘Schoolboy’ (21.05.87)

by murunbuch
Daily Mirror, 21st May 1987


I believe this vital witness is being framed. Melanie originally approached the UK Column because she wanted to expose the truth of the vicious rapes, sexual and physical abuse, and psychological intimidation that she and some 100 other young children suffered at Nottingham Beechwood childrens home. Clearly frightened of the police after irregularities in their investigations, Melanie strongly suspected that the police, Local Authorities and Members of Parliament, were already attempting to cover-up the Beechwood abuse. This is a story we should all be getting involved with.
Melanie Shaw, Beechwood Child Abuse Witness, Held in Peterborough Prison | UK Column
The Beechwood Children’s Home abuse witness is being held in Peterborough...

elanie Shaw, Beechwood Child Abuse Witness, Held in Peterborough Prison

The Beechwood Children’s Home abuse witness is being held in Peterborough prison after unknown police action on Thursday, 10th July, and a secret court hearing on Friday, 11th July 2014. For the personal safety of the individual and in the wider public interest we are naming the witness as Melanie Shaw.
On Friday, 11th July, the UK Column reported that a "key whistleblowing witness and victim of child abuse at Nottingham Beechwood Children’s Home is effectively missing after sending a text to the UKColumn starting 'pls ring urgent, something has happened n I don’t trust the police and I may be locked up tomorrow.' Sent at 21:22 on Wednesday, 9th July 2014 the UK Column has been trying to locate the witness ever since."
Despite telephone calls by UK Column and members of the public to Nottinghamshire police over the weekend, we were unable to establish the precise whereabouts of Melanie. We remained concerned for her safety in light of civilian police staff claims that she was safe, without any supporting facts as to what had happened, or where she was being held. Late on Friday afternoon Melanie Shaw’s solicitor was also unaware of the police action or his clients location.
At 1127 on Monday, 14th July we received a call from a friend of Melanie who informed us that she was being held in Peterborough prison after being picked up by Nottinghamshire police on Friday and held in cells overnight. After a Court hearing the following day, for which it is still not known if Melanie had proper legal representation or the benefit of public and press attendance, she was remanded to Peterborough prison. This category B prison run by Sodexo had a reputation in 2011 for drugs, bullying and violence. As the country’s only male and female prison, it has a maximum capacity of 840 and boasts a Mother and Baby Unit for 12 mums.
Melanie’s incarceration appears to be based on allegations that she set fire to a neighbours shed - a charge which Melanie denies. Melanie has reported to the UK Column that individuals linked to her bail conditions had been harassing her in recent weeks.
This latest punitive action on a child abuse victim by Nottingham Police and the Courts, follows the removal of her child by Social Services and disruptive action by the Local Council in respect of her home. Melanie claims she had been warned she could have her child taken when she first blew the whistle on Beechwood in 2011.
Melanie originally approached the UK Column because she wanted to expose the truth of the vicious rapes, sexual and physical abuse, and psychological intimidation that she and some 100 other young children suffered at Nottingham Beechwood childrens home.  Clearly frightened of the police after irregularities in their investigations, Melanie strongly suspected that the police, Local Authorities and Members of Parliament, were already attempting to cover-up the Beechwood abuse.
Following Elm House child abuse London, BBC’s Jimmy Savile, and particularly in light of the ongoing exposure of the cover-up of paedophile rings within Westminster and the wider establishment, the UK Column believes that many of Melanie’s concerns are fully justified. Our opinion is reinforced by the fact that five other women known to the UK Column, who, having reported paedophile activity, have been harassed by the police and Local Authorities and later sectioned in psychiatric units. In two other UK Column cases where Social Services have been attempting to steal children, parents have also been falsely accused of arson attempts.

Three Nottingham MPs, Vernon Coaker, Lilian Greenwood and Chris Leslie

Three Nottingham MPs, Vernon Coaker, Lilian Greenwood and Chris Leslie have so far failed to respond to UK Column enquires as to their action to help Beechwood victims and protect other children from abuse. Their silence says much.




Rules on paedophiles seeing their children relaxed after judges decide their human rights are more important

By Rebecca Camber

Lord Justice Hughes ruled that the 'right to a family life' must be taken into account before issuing SOPOs
Lord Justice Hughes ruled that the 'right to a family life' must be taken into account before issuing SOPOs

Restrictions on paedophiles using the internet and seeing their own children have been torn up after judges ruled their human rights are more important.
The Court of Appeal has overturned powers introduced by the last government to protect children from abuse following a landmark legal challenge.
Four men convicted of viewing child pornography online argued it would breach their ‘right to a family life’ to keep them apart from their children and stop them surfing the web.
In a controversial move, the Court of Appeal said judges should no longer impose total bans on sex offenders accessing the internet.
Paedophiles have also won the right to have unsupervised access to their children as it would breach their human rights to keep them apart, judges said.
They ruled the ‘right to a family life’ must be taken into account before Sexual Offences Prevention Orders are issued. The decision by three appeal judges, led by Lord Justice Hughes, will seriously weaken the ability of the courts to place restrictions on offenders.


Last night Philip Davies MP said: ‘This is very worrying. What concerns me is the criminal justice system always seems to put the rights of the criminal ahead of the public and victim. It risks creating a terrible victim of crime, which could be completely avoidable. That to me is unforgivable.’
PBryan Hall, 54, was one of four men convicted of viewing child pornography on the internet, who challenged orders preventing them from seeing their children
Challenge: Bryan Hall, 54, was one of four men convicted of viewing child pornography on the internet, who challenged orders preventing them from seeing their children
One of those who brought the challenge was Wayne Clarke, 34, who was convicted in 2006.
He had been traced to North Wales after breaching his bail and found to have a stash of electronic equipment containing photos and videos of young girls engaged in sexual acts.
Philip Davies Conservative Party says relaxed rules on paedophiles seeing their children are worrying
Concerned: Philip Davies says relaxed rules on paedophiles seeing their children are worrying
He had been in touch with a mother of a four-year-old girl and had sent her child pornography.
The Court of Appeal ruled the terms of Clarke’s SOPO were ‘wider than necessary’ and a blanket internet ban on him was ‘disproportionate’.
Conditions of the SOPO which prevented any social contact with boys was also ‘unnecessary and unrealistic’ as it would prevent Clarke from having ‘ordinary family contact with his brother and nephews’.
The judges also amended restrictions on Bryan Hall, 54, caught with a bin bag full of child pornography in 2009, and Steven Smith, 36, who admitted having child pornography and had a previous conviction for raping a boy.


Lord Beaumont
Timothy Wentworth Beaumont, Baron Beaumont of Whitley (22 November 1928 – 8 April 2008)
Liberal and Green politician and Anglican clergyman. Advocate for lowering the age of consent to 14, legalising incest and contributor to a 'pornographic magazine'.
Seems like an interesting chap...
This is not the full text. The full original article is below.
Who Really Wants A Change In The Age Of Consent ? - by Ronald Butt
...Sick though society may now be, I do not notice any demand for any of these things from the public hypnotized into silence though it tends to be by any self-appointed " expert " who stands up to testify, as though to a revealed and absolute truth, that even the most. unspeakable beastliness is therapeutically " good " for somebody. So what is it all about ? what has happened that the Home Secretary feels a need to respond to ? Post hoc, ergo propter hoc is not invariably a fallacy, and when one thing follows another there may be cause and effect.
The only explanation that I can suggest for Mr Jenkins's decision is a willingness (and the views of certain Home Office officials in this as in other matters are not to be disregarded) to heed the pressure groups campaigning in these fields. Their activities reached their apogee with the report more than a year ago of the working party of the Sexual Law Reform Society, whose members included that exemplar of moral thinking, Lord Beaumont of Whitley. Among other recommendations of the Sexual Law Reform Society's working party was the reduction of the age of consent for girls and boys to 14, legalizing incest for people over 14, "notwithstanding the strong but irrational revulsion that may be felt against it" and the legalization of brothels.
No doubt incest too will eventually be in the Criminal Law Revision Committee's brief, and that of its policy advisory committee. Fortunately, the CLRC is a responsible body, and more fortunately still its chairman, Lord Edmund-Davies is also chairing the work of the Policy Advisory Committee. It is important for the politicians who represent the people to be vigilant in face of die subtlety with which the law can be changed, end the standards of a growing generation manipulated, by the activities of self-styled experts. The fact that the House of Lords last week. devoted some seven hours to discussing sex education in schools-which is in many ways the other side of the coin being studied in the Home Office is a sign that the politicians themselves are increasingly aware of the problem.
As Lady Elles expressed it in a brilliantly documented speech which opened the debate, what is called sex education differs from other subjects in that it may determine the immediate and future behaviour of children and change the whole climate of society. There was a remarkable consensus among the majority of those who spoke about the need to teach it in a moral context, and about the reasons for fear that this is often not done. Significantly, the only peer with a sharply different approach was Lord Beaumont, who wanted the teaching of sexual mechanics to be considered as a completely separate subject from moral teaching, which he regarded as teaching children to nalke their own moral judgments.Since Lord Beaumont is a contributor to a pornographic magazine, we might not take his views on moral education too seriously. But what he is saying is precisely what is happening in too many cases. Children are often given the facts about contraception in a way which could suggest to some of them that it would not be. unreasonable, if they chose, to make use of it.
There is also the practice of teaching contraception in terms of girls and boys rather than men and women Lady Elles was surely right to argue that parents should be told how the subject is taught and allowed to withdraw their children if they disapprove. The danger is that we shall first allow children's behaviour to be changed by the assumptions that are communicated to them as a captive impressionable audience and then change the law on the grounds that it does not fit the facts of behaviour.
The Government, which provides grants for the sex education work of the Family Planning Association, a body much criticized in the debate, also has a responsibility. Where there is public money, there must be political responsibility. Students of the working of our representative democracy should savour the appointment by the Home Secretary of a body called the Policy Advisory Committee which is to advise &he Criminal Law Revision Committee in reviewing the law on sexual offences. They should particularly ponder the brief which this group of people little known to the public (with one or two exceptions) has been given. Mr Jenkins has made the first reference to it the question of the age of consent How did it come about that Mr Roy Jenkins decided to set this inquiry going in the first place, and under what sort of prompting? Who chooses its subjects and, in particular, who chose this first subject?
Lord Carr, the last Conservative Home Secretary, made it unambiguously clear that the age of consent was not in question. Why does Mr Jenkins differ in thinking that it may be? Should he not have made his full reasons and thinking public? Is a wave of insanity sweeping the public, particularly parents, that the age of consent which protects young girls from exploitation is too high at 16 ? Is there public indignation at the lack of equal opportunities for homosexuals because of the "discrepancy" (as one civil servant urbanely put it) between the higher age of consent that relates to them and the legal age for hetero- sexual relations? Or has the public seen the light being held up by the lobby of the child-molesters, who are now euphemistically called paedophiles ? Is the nation urging the Government to heed the cal of the pressure group calling itself the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which is campaigning for the removal from the statute book of the " unjust laws" which "define mutual end loving relationships as assaults " ? Is Mr Roy Jenkins perhaps impressed by the attention given to this movement by Mind Out, the journal of the who really wants a change in the age of consent ?


From Dunblane to Haut de la Garenne

Written by Hazel W. M. McKinlay
We are inclined to think of child molesters as strange men in dirty macs hanging around street corners looking for unsuspecting prey. This perception is erroneous, since it has been established that the villains are more likely to be the ‘Bastions of Society’ who have an infinite supply of vulnerable victims from children’s homes, who are too afraid to tell. Who would believe them anyway, as the officials in authority they approach for help are usually involved?
In 1996 we witnessed a massacre of sixteen infants and their teacher in the assembly hall at Dunblane Primary School in Stirling. The ‘lone assassin’ Thomas Hamilton, a known paedophile, is alleged to have shot himself. This prompted legislation for a total hand-gun ban in Britain. Nonetheless, Scottish police had a file of complaints against Hamilton for abusing boys during his ‘military-style’ training sessions and summer camps at Loch Lomond.
The Secretary of State for Scotland and MP for Stirling, Michael Forsyth was well aware of the situation, but this did not prevent Hamilton from obtaining a gun licence. This deviant was also acquainted with Dunblane resident George Robertson MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, whose father and brother were police. Masonic friends in high places who can impede a criminal investigation if need be…
Hamilton had scout clubs in various regions and despite his record, free reign at the Queen Victoria School for the sons of servicemen at Dunblane, formerly for the orphans of Scottish soldiers who died in great numbers in Queen Victoria’s colonial wars. The Scottish Secretary of State automatically becomes the President of QVS, which has a harsh regime and is notorious for bullying, but Hamilton had unlimited access to the shooting range, not to mention… dormitories! Prince Philip is patron of the school and it was often visited by “toffs” and dignitaries in flashy limousines who took boys on outings; Scotland’s elite from the Speculative Society.
This secretive Masonic club which has lurked in the ancient underground vaults of Edinburgh for 250 years, chooses it’s exclusive members from students at Edinburgh university, who always reach the pinnacle of success… Scotland’s rich list. People like Lord Cullen, who was appointed chair of the Dunblane Inquiry or Lord Irvine Laidlaw, Scotland’s second richest man, who was disgraced for engaging in depraved bisexual orgies and now lives as a tax exile in Monaco, like his friend Sir Philip Green who financed Kate and Gerry McCann’s campaign after their daughter disappeared, with his private jet at their disposal, but not his £32 million yacht, the Lionheart.
Lord Laidlaw, also an accomplished sailor, bankrolled the Tory Party and funded Boris Johnson’s Mayoral bid, he boasted how William Hague and Michael Portillo were in his pocket and probably Ian Duncan Smith too. Thus, these perverted VIP’s pull our politicians strings and reward them accordingly for their loyalty. Michael Forsyth was knighted a year after Dunblane for services rendered, while George Robertson became UK Secretary of Defence and was made a life peer. Baron Robertson was then promoted to Secretary General of NATO, the Headquarters of International child sex trafficking.
Lord Cullen would have known during the course of his investigation that Thomas Hamilton was associating with a hierarchy of sadistic paedophiles, guilty of institutional and systematic sexual abuse for at least a century, which went straight to the heart of the Establishment. The Duke of Edinburgh is an Honorary Member of the Speculative Society, which also includes many notables in the Justice System. So, Cullen recommended his report was classified top-secret for another century, under the National Security Act.
Only the Lord Advocate can overturn this ruling, but Elish Angiolini, the top prosecutor is protecting influential people in this same vice ring by covering up the abuse of Hollie Greig, a girl with Down’s Syndrome, who disclosed that she was raped by her father and brother, who passed her on to senior authority figures in Aberdeen, such as a police officer and sheriff. No one has been arrested and people who try to expose this are silenced, or killed.
Coincidentally, Hollie’s father and brother, the Mackie’s fled to Portugal on May 8th 2007, the day after Madeleine McCann vanished from Praia da Luz, where cadaver was detected by world renowned sniffer dogs in her parents apartment and car. Team McCann got instant support from Gordon Brown and Scottish tycoon Brian Kennedy; while every police commissioner in the Brotherhood backed the bogus claim that this child had been abducted.
These spaniels, Eddie and Keela were also successful in finding human remains at a care home in Jersey, Haut de la Garenne, where it has been revealed children were subjected to psychological, physical and sexual abuse over many decades. Some were taken on boat trips by wealthy yachtsmen to use at will in the vilest ways. Queen Victoria’s great-grandson and Prince Philip’s uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten who was linked to the Kincora boys home scandal, was sailing with two teenage boys when he was killed in a bomb attack off the coast of Ireland.
The Kincora story broke in 1980 with accusations of ritual abuse by staff at the home, including William McGrath, a homosexual Loyalist employed by MI5. It is said that children were taken to Birr Castle in the Republic of Ireland where the Hellfire Club was founded by the Parsons family, hereditary Devil worshippers! Very powerful and well known ’pillars of society’ were implicated in the Kincora network, not least Ted Heath, a former Prime Minister and Lord Mountbatten with his predilection for working class boys.
Needless to say, the police were informed of the allegations and as ever, failed to act. At around the same time a similarly sordid tale was emerging in Portugal at a state run home for orphans in Casa Pia, where disadvantaged and mute children were being raped by “carers” and supplied to important individuals abroad. ‘Operation Ore’ later uncovered suspects in the British Labour Government, who were trafficking children from this home and Belgium, prompting Tony Blair to issue a D-Notice, gagging the press. It wasn’t until 2002 that a UN diplomat, a popular TV host and other businessmen were charged with sexual violence. In this case there were convictions, eventually, but this is the tip of the iceberg…
Care homes in Merseyside, Leicestershire, Devon and North Wales have all had identical scandals with hundreds, perhaps thousands of abuse victims over the years. Legions of complaints sent to the Home Office about the mistreatment of children at the Bryn Estyn home in Wrexham were ignored and libel laws prevented the naming of high profile offenders like policemen and ministers. Lord McAlpine escaped prosecution but Sir Peter Morrison was named, both aides to Margaret Thatcher. The Waterhouse Tribunal was the largest ever child abuse inquiry in the UK and heard harrowing accounts from Welsh survivors who needed counselling afterwards. They called their tormentors, “the scum of the earth” which is what they are.
Young girls were disappearing in and around Belgium, without trace, until the known psychopath Marc Dutroux was apprehended with two teenage girls imprisoned in a cramped purpose-built cellar. He had been snatching children to order for the ‘Monster of Belgium’ Michel Nihoul, who cruised around in his car choosing potential victims for rich clients. After the person had been kidnapped and drugged by Dutroux and his accomplice, Nihoul used them as sex slaves at sadomasochistic orgies, to blackmail policemen, lawyers, judges and politicians, or they were sold for snuff movies. A massive cover-up ensued since this paedophile ring lead right to the seat of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Monarchy.
In Nebraska it was Larry King who was throwing lavish sex parties to compromise celebrities and statesmen alike, with children snatched from the streets of Iowa or groomed at Boy’s Town by paedophiles. Paul Bonacci testified to midnight visits at the White House arranged by lobbyist Craig Spence and acts of perversion I’d rather not repeat, but he suffered torture, witnessed murder and participated in human sacrifice. He also claims he was forced to abduct missing paper boy Johnny Gosch. In 1999, Paul Bonacci finally won damages against Larry King in a Civil Court, but that cannot compensate for years of physical, sexual and psychological harm. Many of America’s missing children also meet this fate at Offutt Air Force base, where George Bush spent September 11th 2001 in an underground Strategic Command Centre. ‘Operation Flicker’ which found 5,200 child pornographers in the Department of Defence at the Pentagon has barely scratched the surface.
All of these cases have factors in common, the perpetrators always come from the highest echelons of society, Nobility and Royalty, who have a proclivity for Satanism which stems back generations. Princes, Presidents and peers of the realm procure their young victims from the care system; orphans who will not be missed… By the power of their ill-gotten fortunes and through blackmail the ‘Aristocracy of Wealth’ maintain a veil of secrecy over their nefarious activities. This International Network extends from Kincora in Belfast to Boys Town in Nebraska, beyond Belgium and Dunblane to Haut de la Garenne, but what is done in darkness, must one day come to light and this information is so explosive, it would topple governments.

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    David Says: 
    At around the time the Jersey story broke three policemen supposedly committed suicide. Not mentioned in the link but Neil Munro was alleged to have been investigating the yachting community after allegations of children from Jersey being loaned out to wealthy yachtsman. Richard Fuller was a member of the Royal protection team. Could any of this have anything to do with Mountbatten again? It’s also been rumoured that a second cousin to the Queen was a member of the paedophile ring that Thomas Hamilton, the Dunblane killer, was involved with. Could that be Mountbatten too?
    Also, a newspaper published a photograph of Jimmy Saville leaving the children’s home in Jersey which has now disappeared out of circulation. Mentioned in a link below is a possible connection to Mountbatten.
    Below is another death that could also be linked to Jersey.
  2. 2
    Duncan Says: 
    Good article, would you mind if i reposted? I have met with and interviewed Liz Docherty who also claims abuse by the Scottish elite ‘ring’. her mother is Baroness smith, widow of john smith mp, maybe we could get our heads together.
  3. 3
    Hazel Says: 
    Thanks for the links, interesting.
    More about Saville…including a picture of him at Haute de la Garenne.
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    Nonce number 2 - Page 8 - The Liverpool Way Says: 
    [...] Re: Nonce number 2 From Dunblane to Haut de la Garenne*|*The SCUM [...]
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    Gun control and the amazing Batman coincidence #edl #newton #aurora #batman #obama « Casuals United Blog Says: 

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Dame Elish Angiolini: From Hollie Grieg to Dunblane

 Nonce Buster
What follows this foreword is a description including many source links of the many high profile cases that Dame Elish Angiolini has been involved in and allegedly helped to cover up.
These cases include Hollie Grieg, Lockerbie and Dunblane.
According to Wikipedia:
Dame Elish Frances Angiolini, DBE, QC, FRSA (born 24 June 1960), née McPhilomy, is a Scottish lawyer. She was Lord Advocate of Scotland from 2006 until 2011, having previously been Solicitor General since 2001. She was the first woman, the first Procurator Fiscal, and the first solicitor to hold either post. Since September 2012, Angiolini has been the Principal of St. Hugh’s College, Oxford.
Nonce Buster – the sender of the following information – maintains that Angiolini is a major gate keeper to Government Lala Nonce Land.
No doubt publishing the following information will get me in trouble, so I should just say in advance to anyone whom I may piss off by doing so, I sincerely couldn’t give a fuck… Just saying.

View the post below and link to the pasted urls to read of the depths of immoral, criminal depravity that the St Hugh’s College egocentric Principal Dame Elish Angiolini is involved with and bears command responsibility for repeatedly perverting the course of justice.
Here we have yet another royally titled, albeit notorious, public figure to be linked to a history of paedophile activity, and cover-ups of the same, to prevent these crimes being broadcast in the public domain: an outrageous chronicle of sexual abuse of special needs children in her home bailiwick of Scotland.
This vile creature, the hyper-paranoid Angiolini, was the Crown Office boss responsible for the prosecution and jailing of Robert Green to gag his efforts to canvass as an MP for the Scottish parliament and expose the Aberdeen-based Satanist pederast ring back in 2010, and linking her Procurator Fiscal days in Aberdeen, circa 2000, through to the post of Lord Advocate, abusing her positions of authority to repeatedly subvert police investigations across a decade into the ignominious Hollie Greig / Beechwood Special School serial rape scandal.
The Dame, although now a resident in England, since Mr Green’s early release from prison in Scotland due a wave of public outcry at the injustices visited on him, and she being of a vindictive nature, is currently attempting to silence him yet again, this time by attempting to sue for defamation in the Edinburgh Court of Session (18/10/2013) – even though he is an Englishmen, living in England, and posting his critical blog via his English home pc.
Such is the level of corruption this neurotic woman is steeped in to protect her Devil-worshipping pederast cohorts and maintain a faux holier-than-thou hallowed reputation facade, that she bids her private Scottish police force arrest any blogger who dares link the name Angiolini with the despicable Hollie Greig paedophile abuse case on charges of ‘cyber-stalking’ and causing her distress and fear and alarm.
But linked to these very crimes Dame Elish McPhilomy-Angiolini is, without a shred of a doubt, as the documented record proves; and as the X-Files credo so fittingly states, ‘The Truth is Out There’: waiting, just waiting, to be exposed.


Ian Hamilton QC, is a widely admired figure in Scotland and a staunch supporter of independence.
 On 6th July 2011, he was interviewed by BBC Newsnight and described Scotland`s record on human rights as appalling. For this shocking state of affairs, he primarily blamed Elish Angiolini,  followed by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill. Mr Hamilton goes on to strongly condemn them over the Peter Cadder case, by which approximately 76,000 people were unsafely convicted.
I was one of those, denied my human rights, in direct contradiction of Scotland`s own legal commitments, by DS Drummond and DC Crowder on 12th February 2010, when they refused me the legal representation to which I was entitled when I was charged. 
Another glaring example of Angiolini`s and MacAskill`s utter contempt for fundamental human rights lay in the circumstances connected with the false conviction and imprisonment of Mr Al-Megrahi in the notorious Lockerbie case.

Mr Hamilton`s interview can be seen thus:-
Many observers who have been following the Hollie Greig case are at a loss to understand why the Scottish mainstream media barely ever mentions the issue, even when connected criminal cases are involved, such as those of Tim Rustige (Rusty) and mine. The police officers from Operation Yewtree seemed puzzled that at the height of the Jimmy Savile scandal that no mention or photographs at all were published in the Scottish media when his cottage in Glencoe was prominently daubed “Justice for Hollie Greig”.
One possible explanation for the existence of this blanket of secrecy may lie in the person of Peter Watson, senior partner of solicitors Levy & McRae. The firm claims to specialise in managing unwelcome publicity affecting its clients. It states that “we aim to keep our clients off the front page”. This is certainly no idle boast. It is clearly very successful in that regard.
Professor Watson acts for Elish Angiolini and personally represents First Minister Alex Salmond. Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill is a former colleague when working as a solicitor at Levy & McRae. When Chief Constable Sir Stephen House was head of Strathclyde Police, Levy & McRae represented the Police Federation of that force. Now Sir Stephen leads Police Scotland, Levy & McRae now represent the Federation covering the entire country. The firm also acts for the Scottish Prison Officers Association. Professor Watson even acts as a part-time sheriff.
Levy & McRae`s power and influence does not end there, by any means.
Professor Watson is a key advisor to Alex Salmond in his efforts to further control the Scottish media. The firm represents a good part of the media, including Scottish TV, the Daily Record, Herald Scotland and others. In fact, Levy & McRae states that it represents “the biggest names in print and broadcast media”. Is it any surprise then that issues damaging to Elish Angiolini, such as the Hollie Greig case, may never see the light of day?
It must be said that Levy & McRae has received many glowing accolades from satisfied clients and in 2008, Peter Watson, described as “brilliant”, was voted Solicitor of the Year.
All this is, no doubt, wonderful for Professor Watson and for Levy & McRae, but could any of these wide-ranging spheres of influence constitute potential conflicts of interest in the way that Scotland is governed, possible effects on policing, the justice system and matters of genuine public interest being concealed from the people of Scotland?
If I have omitted any other remaining powerful organisations or individuals in Scotland that Levy & McRae represent, I sincerely apologise.
Posted by Robert Green at 09:30 – 25th September 2013


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Sandra Uttley Statement

Posted on 16 October 2006 by admin
When the Dunblane massacre happened in March 1996, I was in the most stable settled part of my life. I’d lived on the outskirts of Dunblane since the early 1980s, but in April 1995 I bought a small flat in the town itself, not far from the imposing 13th century Cathedral.
In August 1995 I joined the Scottish Ambulance Service and began work at the station just 9 miles north of Dunblane. I am ashamed to say that during my training I didn’t pay much attention to dealing with gunshot injuries as to my mind that was a ‘city’ problem and not something I was likely to encounter in the little backwater where I lived and worked.
Fortunately I wasn’t due back on duty on 13 March till 8pm. My colleagues Alison and Les received THAT dreadful call and were the first ambulance personnel to arrive at the school, declaring it a Major Incident.
I was called in a few hours later to relieve them from duty. Having collected the ambulance from Stirling, myself and another colleague Russell went back to station to clean out the ambulance that had transported 5 year old Mhairi MacBeath to hospital. She was declared dead on arrival, from a single gunshot wound to the head. Mhairi’s father had been my philosophy lecturer at university in the early ‘80s. He had tragically died six months before Mhairi’s murder, from a brain haemorrhage. He hadn’t lived to see his second daughter, Katherine, born. And on the day of Mhairi’s murder, a memorial service was being held in his memory. His wife Isabel had thought about keeping Mhairi off school that day, but decided it was for her own selfish reasons and besides, Mhairi didn’t want to miss gym. Within an hour, her daughter was dead.
I bring in such personal detail, because to my mind it is too easy for people to forget the enormous loss of life on 13 March 1996 and the individual tragic stories involved in each death.
Back at my ambulance station, I waited with dread for Alison and Les to return after their debriefing. I didn’t know what I could possibly say to them. They were deeply shocked and traumatised. Alison simply said, “that is not a job you would have wanted so early in your career”. I was so incredibly relieved it hadn’t been me. Les could barely speak. He kept on making a gun trigger gesture to his head and said that is how the children had died. They had been disabled and then shot through the head as they lay injured on the gym floor. For some reason very little has been said about this aspect of the massacre – that 11 girls were shot through the head. I am not certain how many of the 5 boys who were killed died from head injuries. The gunman didn’t seem to have the boys as his target as clearly as he did the girls. One boy who was lying injured was shot in the back, not the head, giving him more chance of survival (and indeed this boy, Matthew Birnie, did survive).
A head shot virtually guarantees death and the gunman was clearly intent on making this a true massacre, in every sense of the word.
Just how had this obscenity happened?
It has taken all of ten years for me to finally understand why Dunblane happened. I remember being very surprised when the bereaved parents called for a ban on handguns, as to my mind this was an obvious failure of policing. Thomas Hamilton should NEVER have been allowed to own guns. Britain had no noticeable ‘gun culture’ as in the States. I would imagine that the majority of people, like me, had no idea that target shooting as a sport existed. The very rare gun crime we heard about was part of the criminal underworld. We did not have a problem with legally held weapons in this country.
But, waiting in the wings was Gill Marshall-Andrews, wife of British MP Bob Marshall-Andrews, with her embryonic Gun Control Network (GCN). In Australia and New Zealand, Rebecca Peters and Philip Alpers too were waiting to pounce. After the massacre at Port Arthur, Peters and Alpers were in action.
In preparation for the Cullen Inquiry into the Dunblane massacre, the solicitor representing the bereaved and injured children’s families, invited each family to express their concerns about – amongst other matters – gun control. Those who expressed the strongest views, in particular, Mick North, who lost his only child in the massacre, were then co-opted into the gun control movement. Mick has remained there ever since.
I began a relationship with Mick a few months after Sophie’s death (his wife had died a few years earlier) and after our relationship ended, I worked for him for the next 7 years as his Personal Assistant. By then Mick was travelling the world on his gun control ‘mission’ and I held the fort back in Scotland whilst he was away on his endless trips.
It was only in 1999 that I discovered that all the Dunblane Inquiry documents had been locked away for an astonishing 100 years (a closure order that has since been declared illegal). Whilst for the previous 3 years I’d thought in terms of police incompetence re Thomas Hamilton, NOW I realised that something much more sinister was going on. Still, I had nothing to work on – or so I thought.
At the end of 2002, I accidently stumbled across some information on the internet about Dunblane that was to set me off on this path – searching for the truth. Once you find yourself on this road, it is impossible to get off. That said, I never expected to be battling on nearly 4 years later. I naively thought that once the parents and the media discovered about all the lies told at the Dunblane Inquiry, there would be an uproar. There has been nothing of the sort.
For the first 6 years after the massacre, I hadn’t doubted for one minute that Thomas Hamilton had killed himself immediately after his shooting spree. But once I began studying all the evidence from the transcript of the Inquiry, there were such glaring inconsistencies and blatant lies about the scene of crime in the gym, that it soon became clear to me that Hamilton had been shot and killed and hadn’t committed suicide at all.
Now if that was the case, why? Surely after what Hamilton had just done, this person would have been hailed a hero? But there was a difficulty though. The massacre was said to have taken just 3 minutes. If Hamilton was killed, how did his assassin get there so quick? I don’t need to go into any more detail now about that, as this is all in my book.
But when you look at all the evidence coming to light now about the Port Arthur massacre in Australia and the Columbine massacre in the States, Dunblane would seem to not be alone in terms of inconsistent evidence, disappearing vital witnesses, a refusal of the mainstream media to print anything about that, the ridiculing and hounding of those campaigners like myself who fight to be heard, AND the total silence of both GCN and the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) of which Mick is closely involved.
On 2 October 2005, Mick saturated the British press with his claims that there had been no cover-up of the truth about the massacre in which his beloved only child had been killed. All the articles were full of inaccuracies and, in all honesty, downright untruths. No newspaper would print a right of reply from me, the main campaigner for the truth about the Dunblane massacre. I had – at last – been silenced.
Why would a parent do this? Mick has, without a doubt, been brainwashed by the international gun control movement. There can be no other explanation for why a father would so blatantly stamp the truth about his daughter’s murder into the ground ……… and to my mind, this left the door wide open for further gun massacres. It is a tragic irony that exactly one year later, on 2 October 2006, in a small backwater in Pennsylvania, a place where, like Dunblane, these things just do not happen, five schoolgirls were executed, Dunblane-style.
These gun massacres are always said to be the work of the lone nut gunman. I don’t know enough about the details of all the other school massacres we have witnessed around the western world these last two decades. Andrew MacGregor has done much work in that area and will be speaking about this in a couple of days.
But I do know enough about Dunblane now to know that Thomas Hamilton more than likely did not commit the Dunblane massacre. Hamilton was – no other word for it – the patsy. He was set up that day and he paid with his life. And because the truth about the Dunblane atrocity has been buried, you can be sure that we will see more and more of this kind of modern warfare, where children are sacrificed for some supposed greater good that ‘the planners’ would wish for.