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when a case of rape is reported, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe it is necessary for the police to question the alleged perpetrators without delay;

when a case of rape is reported, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe it is necessary for the police immediately to search the homes of those named for corroborative evidence;

when a case of rape is reported, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe it is necessary to seize and examine the computers of those named at the earliest opportunity;

when allegations of rape are supported by evidence from well-respected medical and psychological experts who unanimously confirm not only that systematic abuse has taken place, but go so far as to name two of the most likely perpetrators, you, as representative of the Crown Office, believe it right to dismiss their testimony and allow those named to leave the country;

when a school doctor twice reports an under-age girl to be at risk, and that girl’s headmaster - one of those subsequently named as a serial rapist - consistently fails to alert the child’s mother or to take any steps to protect her, you, as representative of the Crown Office, believe this to be the normal behaviour of a responsible, and guiltless, person;

when a case of rape is reported by a girl with speech difficulties, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe it is necessary to supply her with support during police interviews, but are happy to use her handicap, in this respect, to discredit her spoken evidence;

when a case of repeated multiple gang rape over many years is reported by a young girl who also names seven fellow victims, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe that, in view of the Scottish law regarding corroboration, it is absolutely essential that the police question those she has named immediately.

When an acknowledged victim of rape receives a substantial award from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, you, as representative of the Crown Office, feel justified in continuing to maintain that the allegations on which this award was based were fully investigated and found to be false.



We believe, beyond reasonable doubt, that Hollie Greig was abused and has been badly let down by the Scottish justice system and that this same system has treated Robert Green disgracefully.We are very angry and upset that the words and actions of a number of misguided people who think of themselves as supporters of Hollie and Robert, have created the present situation where this gravely serious case has been reduced to a farce.

Sarah McLeod



Mar 10

Sarah McLeod you are quite correct Danny, the evidence was never there to start with and the story
was used to appeal to people on a visceral
level, both of the HG case and now the
Hampstead one. Have you ever tried
appealing to BGs sensible side about
either cases?

Monday, 5 October 2015


Scotland Yard investigates abuse inquiry leaks to the media

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Scotland YardImage copyrightPA
Scotland Yard has launched an inquiry into claims secret information about allegations of sexual abuse by public figures was leaked to journalists.
A "senior detective" is being investigated over the leaking of the identities of abuse complainants, the investigative news website Exaro said.
Exaro said the officer was suspected of passing on the name, address and other details of one complainant.
The complainant alleges he was abused by politicians and public figures.
Exaro reports that the officer being investigated was a source for the BBC's Panorama programme.
Scotland Yard said: "The Directorate of Professional Standards is investigating a public complaint received by them in September 2015 regarding the improper disclosure of information to the media.
"At this stage there is an ongoing inquiry. We are not prepared to comment any further."




Pervert spared jail after admitting to being a 'stupid, horrible, nasty person'

By EllieCullen  |  Posted: September 28, 2015
Christopher Hunt appeared at Nottingham Crown Court
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A pervert caught with dozens of horrific pictures of children on his computer told police he was a "stupid, horrible, nasty person", a court heard.
Christopher Hunt, 34, was spared jail on Monday after admitting three counts of possessing indecent images.
Judge Andrew Hamilton said Hunt had shown remorse for his "appalling" actions.
Prosecutor Harold Ewing told Nottingham Crown Court that police had seized Hunt's computer hard drive and a Sony netbook after raiding his home on May 20 last year.


Hunt, of Forest Road, Clipstone Village, Mansfield, admitted his crimes in an interview.
Mr Ewing said: "He spoke in terms of his own disgust and desire not to involve himself in this sort of behaviour.
"He described them as 'stupid, horrible, nasty people, like me'. He had been using software to access and view images on his computers.
"He had been searching for such images and there were a variety of search terms showing an interest in this type of photograph on his devices."
In total, there were 18 images classed as category A – the most serious – 11 in category B and 29 in category C.
Philip Bown, in mitigation, said: "Unlike the majority of men who find themselves in this position, he has been candid. He has been wanting to do something about his problem for many a long year."
The judge warned Hunt he had been lucky not to be jailed. He said: "You have been entirely frank with the police about what you have done.
"You were frank from the very first opportunity. You very sensibly said it's something done by 'dirty-minded people like me'. You accept what you did was wrong. It's wrong because it's appalling.
"Children shouldn't be abused and other people shouldn't gain satisfaction by watching their abuse recorded."
Hunt was handed a three-year community order, and a five-year sexual harm prevention order, which bans him from having certain contact with children under 16. He must also sign the sex offenders' register for five years.

Read more: http://www.nottinghampost.com/Pervert-spared-jail-admitting-stupid-horrible/story-27883219-detail/story.html#ixzz3njNDIVMJ 
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Child sex abuse protest disrupts traffic on Mansfield Road

Child sex abuse protest disrupts traffic on Mansfield Road

By TracyWalker  |  Posted: October 03, 2015
Protestors pictured outside the Theatre Royal
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Traffic on Mansfield Road was disrupted by campaigners highlighting allegations of historic child abuse in Nottinghamshire care homes.
Around 130 people marched from Forest Road East along Mansfield Road towards the city centre on Saturday afternoon before handing a letter to officers at Central Police Station calling for the resignation of Nottinghamshire Police Chief Constable Chris Eyre.
The protestors, who then gathered outside the Theatre Royal, with some dressed in police uniform, calling themselves 'peace officers' and another wearing a pig mask, say there have been failed by the police.
Campaigner Mandy Sleiman said: "This is why we are campaigning, because Chris Eyre has failed all the child abuse survivors. We have not had one conviction yet.


"It's just systematic failure for every survivor."
Nigel O'Mara, 51, of Mapperely, who says he is a victim of historic child abuse, was on the march.
He said: "We need people to come forward who have experienced these things so we can give evidence to the enquiry that's coming up."
The march took about 15 minutes, with Nottingham City Transport tweeting to its passengers that it had caused delays.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said he had not yet seen the letter calling for resignation and would only say: "We have had a protest and can confirm it was a lawful protest and we have allowed them to facilitate the protest.
"They are being engaged by police officers and we have allowed them to have their time.
"They attended Central Police Station before moving on further into the city."

Read more: http://www.nottinghampost.com/Child-sex-abuse-protest-disrupts-traffic/story-27915106-detail/story.html#ixzz3njMGuT7l 
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Nottingham Police Station stormed in protest at Police protection of Government Paedophiles


Sunday, October 4, 2015 20:33
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Nottingham Police Station stormed in protest at Police protection of Government Paedophiles
Steve Spy
Published on 4 Oct 2015
3rd October 2015 – Protest and storming of Nottingham Central Police station in protest of Chief Constables failure to act on reports of Government and institutional paedophiles in Nottingham.

 photo notting 3oct15_zps8by0gpvq.jpg

Aangirfan Monday, 5 October 2015 'BBC COVERING UP CHILD ABUS

Monday, 5 October 2015



Above we see Mark Regev, the Ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom.

Part of Mark Regev's job is to get the BBC to cover up Israel's abuse of children?

Above we see Daniel Foggo who is BBC Panorama's reporter on the Westminster child abuse network.

The BBC's Panorama is reportedly trying to smear the victims of the UK's top child abuse rings.

Revealed: Panorama's plans to smear survivors of child abuse

Panorama plans to smear abuse survivors, criticise Exaro and other media over their reports on VIP paedophiles, and undermine MPs who speak out...

Police investigate BBC Panorama source over leak of Child Sex Abuse survivor's ID

Kyle Foggo (above)  was the executive director (number three position) of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The BBC uses repetition to promote its lies.

The BBC uses smooth-talking men in smart suits, such as MARK REGEV (above), to promote its lies.

The BBC uses scripts prepared by MI6 and MI5.

The BBC is not neutral.

The above video gives clear examples of BBC bias.

When ISIS threatened to blow up Borobudur, there was no mention on the BBC of the many decades of support by MI6, Mossad and the CIA for the Islamist terrorists in Indonesia.

Indonesia's police on alert over apparent ISIS terror threat to Borobudur... /


The BBC employs easy-to-control child abusers.

In a frumpy cardigan and sensible shoes, Daphne Park looked like Miss Marple.

The BBC has strong links to MI6, MI5 and their friends.

Baroness Park of Monmouth was a top MI6 spy. (Daphne Park, MI6 woman with a 30-year secret career. )

She became a governor of the BBC.

Dame Pauline Neville Jones was head of the UK's Joint Intelligence Committee.

The spooky Neville Jones became a BBC governor in 1998.

She has links with defence firm Qinetiq which supplies US forces in Iraq. 

(Dame Neville-Jones quits BBC after Iraq links exposed /aangirfan: David Cameron, Dame Pauline Neville-Jones and QinetiQ.)

Since 1937 BBC staff have apparently been vetted by the security services. 

MI6 Building?

Christopher Bower worked for the BBC World Service.

He also worked for the Guardian newspaper.

He became director of UK trade and investment at the British embassy in Moscow.

Russia now claims that Christopher Bower is a senior officer in the British secret service.

(London-Moscow relations worsen as the Kremlin brand a British envoy a spy )

Wing Commander Michael Cairns took part in operations in Bosnia and Kosovo. 

('BIGGLES' QUITS Sunday Mirror Find Articles at BNET.com)

Cairns has been responsible for political output from the BBC in Norther Ireland.

Cairns was found out.

"A BBC editor has resigned his post within the British military after Sinn Féin raised conflict of interest concerns. 

"RAF wing commander Mike Cairns resigned as OC 7644 VR Squadron after Sinn Féin complained that his work as a public relations officer for the RAF was incompatible with his job as a high-ranking BBC editor.

"Following Sinn Féin's complaint the BBC confirmed Mike Cairns who worked in news-gathering in the BBC had resigned from the RAF reserve." - An Phoblacht: BBC editor resigns from RAF post

John Simpson (http://www.flickr.com/photos/philip-rosie/96409955/in/photostream/)

Nicola Jones, writing in New Scientist, 19 November 2001, (Taliban nuclear documents mirror spoof article - 19 November 2001 ...) pointed out that 'Taliban nuclear documents' found by BBC reporter John Simpson were identical to a spoof article.

In 2001, John Simpson claimed he had found documents strewn on the floor of a Taliban recruitment centre in Kabul. 

He claimed these documents apparently described how to build a thermonuclear device.

The documents, according to Simpson showed "how dangerous Bin Laden's Al Qaeda network aspired to be".

According to the New Scientist:

The sentences shown in focus by the camera also come from a famous document called "Weekend Scientist: Let's Make a Thermonuclear Device", which was first published in 1979 as a humour piece by The Journal of Irreproducible Results.

John Simpson was a university friend of a former head of MI6.

MI6 spread lies to put Suharto into power, according to Foreign Office documents.

This was reported by the UK's Independent newspaper, 16 April 2000.

(http://www.independent.co.uk/story.jsp?story=20187 / http://www.bilderberg.org/sis.htm)

Foreign Office documents show that the world's media was used by British intelligence as part of a plot to overthrow Indonesia's President Sukarno in the 1960s.

The BBC, the Observer and Reuters carried 'fake stories'manufactured by agents working for the Foreign Office.

Propaganda expert Norman Reddaway noted, in a letter to Britain's Jakarta ambassador Sir Andrew Gilchrist, that Gilchrist's stories were broadcast via the BBC.

This included an invented story that Indonesian communists were planning to slaughter the citizens of Jakarta.

Reddaway's letter suggests that the Observer newspaper was persuaded to take the Foreign Office "angle" on the Indonesian takeover by reporting a "kid glove coup without butchery".

Cabinet papers show that British spies, including MI6, supported Islamic guerrillas in order to destabilise Sukarno.

Former government minister Lord Healey said: "Norman Reddaway had an office in Singapore. They began to put out false information and I think that, to my horror on one occasion, they put forged documents on the bodies of Indonesian soldiers we had taken."

Lord Healey denied any personal knowledge of the MI6 campaign to arm opponents of Sukarno. But, he added: "I would certainly have supported it."

The sources for the following are: http://www.counterpunch.org/miller03142005.html

DAVID MILLER, at Spinwatch, writes that journalists working for the Services Sound and Vision Corporation (SSVC) have provided news reports to the BBC.

The SSVC is funded by the Ministry of Defence as a propaganda operation.

Spinwatch reveals that Britain has fake journalists.

The government pays for their wages and they provide news as if they were normal journalists rather than paid propagandists.

Normally they work for British Forces Broadcasting Service, which is run by the SSVC.

In the case of Iraq, the BBC promoted the lie that the army (in illegal ocupation) was a 'peacekeeping' force.

BBC World Service is reportedly funded by the Foreign Office. 

Their journalists are employed by the SSVC, the Services Sound and Vision Corporation.

The UK Foreign Office reportedly runs a network of fake news operations.

One of these is allegedly British Satellite News.

BSN is broadcast over the Reuters World News Service.

Former UK cabinet minister Michael Meacher wrote in the Guardian, November 21, 2003, about the UK government's Operation Rockingham, which was used to spread lies about Iraq.


David Kelly, giving evidence to the prime minister's intelligence and security committee, said: "Within the defence intelligence services I liaise with the Rockingham cell."

Former chief weapons inspector in Iraq, Scott Ritter, was a US military intelligence officer.

He declared, before the Iraq war, that almost all of Iraq's WMD had been destroyed as a result of inspections, and the rest either used or destroyed in the first Gulf war.

In the Scottish Sunday Herald in June 2003, Ritter said: "Operation Rockingham (set up by defence intelligence staff in 1991) cherry-picked intelligence.

"They had to sustain the allegation that Iraq had WMD [when] Unscom was showing the opposite...

"Rockingham staff were ... selectively culling [picking out] reports that sustained the [WMD] claims. They ignored the vast majority of the data which mitigated against such claims."

According to Michael Meacher: "Within the UK intelligence establishment... Rockingham clearly had a central, though covert, role in seeking to prove an active Iraqi WMD programme.

Ritter said: "Rockingham was the source of some very controversial information which led to inspections of a suspected ballistic missile site. We ... found nothing. However, our act of searching allowed the US and UK to say that the missiles existed."

Ritter says that Rockingham officers were acting on political orders "from the very highest levels".

It was revealed by sections of the Scottish press that the deputy director of the Lockerbie trial briefing unit at Glasgow University, Professor Andrew Fulton, was an MI6 intelligence officer.

The unit was supposed to provide "impartial and objective" legal information about the trial and was much used by the TV news programmes.

24/05/00 THE SCOTSMAN:

"Prof Fulton has been 'on holiday' since it was revealed that during his 30 year diplomatic career he was a key memberof the MI6 secret service in Europe, Asia and America."

Allegedly, Dominic Lawson, who has worked for the BBC, and who once edited the Sunday Telegraph, has links to MI6 and Princess Diana. (He now works for the Mail)

Can you trust the BBC news? How many journalists are working for the security services?

Roy Greenslade, media specialist at the Telegraph (formerly at the Guardian), has written that most media outlets "are playthings of MI5."

Bloch and Fitzgerald, in their examination of covert UK warfare, report that the editor of “one of Britain’s most distinguished journals” believed that more than half its foreign correspondents were on the MI6 payroll.

And in 1991, Richard Norton-Taylor revealed in the Guardian that 500 prominent Britons paid by the CIA and the now defunct Bank of Commerce and Credit International, included 90 journalists.

The BBC's Alvar Lidell served with the RAF as an intelligence officer

The following extracts are from an article at the excellent Medialens


March 3, 2006

HACKS AND SPOOKS - By Professor Richard Keeble

In their analysis of the contemporary secret state, Dorril and Ramsay gave the media a crucial role...

Going as far back as 1945, George Orwell no less became a war correspondent for the Observer - probably as a cover for intelligence work. 

Significantly most of the men he met in Paris on his assignment, Freddie Ayer, Malcolm Muggeridge, Ernest Hemingway were either working for the intelligence services or had close links to them.

Stephen Dorril, in his seminal history of MI6, reports that Orwell attended a meeting in Paris of resistance fighters on behalf of David Astor, his editor at the Observer and leader of the intelligence service’s unit liasing with the French resistance.

The release of Public Record Office documents in 1995 about some of the operations of the MI6-financed propaganda unit, the Information Research Department of the Foreign Office, threw light on this secret body - which even Orwell aided by sending them a list of “crypto-communists”.

Set up by the Labour government in 1948, it 'ran' dozens of Fleet Street journalists and a vast array of news agencies across the globe until it was closed down by Foreign Secretary David Owen in 1977.

According to John Pilger in the anti-colonial struggles in Kenya, Malaya and Cyprus, IRD was so successful that the journalism served up as a record of those episodes was a cocktail of the distorted and false in which the real aims and often atrocious behaviour of the British intelligence agencies was hidden.

And spy novelist John le Carré, who worked for MI6 between 1960 and 1964, has made the amazing statement that the British secret service then controlled large parts of the press – just as they may do today.

In 1975, following Senate hearings on the CIA, the reports of the Senate’s Church Committee and the House of Representatives’ Pike Committee highlighted the extent of agency recruitment of both British and US journalists.

And sources revealed that half the foreign staff of a British daily were on the MI6 payroll.

David Leigh, in The Wilson Plot, his seminal study of the way in which the secret service smeared through the mainstream media and destabilised the Government of Harold Wilson before his sudden resignation in 1976, quotes an MI5 officer: “We have somebody in every office in Fleet Street”

And the most famous whistleblower of all, Peter (Spycatcher) Wright, revealed that MI5 had agents in newspapers and publishing companies whose main role was to warn them of any forthcoming “embarrassing publications”.

Wright also disclosed that the Daily Mirror tycoon, Cecil King, “was a longstanding agent of ours” who “made it clear he would publish anything MI5 might care to leak in his direction”.

Selective details about Wilson and his secretary, Marcia Falkender, were leaked by the intelligence services to sympathetic Fleet Street journalists.

Wright comments: “No wonder Wilson was later to claim that he was the victim of a plot”. King was also closely involved in a scheme in 1968 to oust Prime Minister Harold Wilson and replace him with a coalition headed by Lord Mountbatten.

Hugh Cudlipp, editorial director of the Mirror from 1952 to 1974, was also closely linked to intelligence, according to Chris Horrie, in his recently published history of the newspaper.

David Walker, the Mirror’s foreign correspondent in the 1950s, was named as an MI6 agent following a security scandal while another Mirror journalist, Stanley Bonnet, admitted working for MI5 in the 1980s investigating the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Maxwell and Mossad

According to Stephen Dorril, intelligence gathering during the miners’ strike of 1984-85 was helped by the fact that during the 1970s MI5’s F Branch had made a special effort to recruit industrial correspondents – with great success.

In 1991, just before his mysterious death, Mirror proprietor Robert Maxwell was accused by the US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh of acting for Mossad, the Israeli secret service, though Dorril suggests his links with MI6 were equally as strong.

Following the resignation from the Guardian of Richard Gott, its literary editor in December 1994 in the wake of allegations that he was a paid agent of the KGB, the role of journalists as spies suddenly came under the media spotlight – and many of the leaks were fascinating.

For instance, according to The Times editorial of 16 December 1994: “Many British journalists benefited from CIA or MI6 largesse during the Cold War.”

The intimate links between journalists and the secret services were highlighted in the autobiography of the eminent newscaster Sandy Gall.

He reports without any qualms how, after returning from one of his reporting assignments to Afghanistan, he was asked to lunch by the head of MI6.

And in January 2001, the renegade MI6 officer, Richard Tomlinson, claimed Dominic Lawson, the editor of the Sunday Telegraph and son of the former Tory chancellor, Nigel Lawson, provided journalistic cover for an MI6 officer on a mission to the Baltic to handle and debrief a young Russian diplomat who was spying for Britain.

Growing power of secret state

Since September 11 all of Fleet Street has been awash in warnings by anonymous intelligence sources of terrorist threats.

According to former Labour minister Michael Meacher, much of this disinformation was spread via sympathetic journalists by the Rockingham cell within the MoD.

A parallel exercise, through the office of Special Plans, was set up by Donald Rumsfeld in the US. 

Thus, to take just one example, Michael Evans, The Times defence correspondent, reported on 29 November 2002: “Saddam Hussein has ordered hundred of his officials to conceal weapons of mass destruction components in their homes to evade the prying eyes of the United Nations inspectors.” The source of these 'revelations' was said to be 'intelligence'...


The Director of BBC Television is Danny Cohen (above).

The BBC is very Jewish.

Ian Katz

The top Jew called Ian Katz is the editor of the BBC's Newsnight.

James Harding

James Harding is the BBC's Director of News and Current Affairs and is thus in charge of the BBC's Panorama programme.

In 2011, Harding said: "I am pro-Israel. I believe in the State of Israel."

Panorama is about to try to discredit some of the UK's child abuse whistleblowers.

This could suggest that the ultimate controllers of the top child abuse rings are the Mossad?

And it may be that the ultimate controllers of the BBC, protector of Jimmy Savile, are the Mossad?

Peter Saunders.

Peter Saunders, founder of the National Association of People Abused in Childhood, says if victims' stories are not handled sympathetically others will be less likely to speak out.

BBC Panorama child abuse show 'could stop victims coming forward'

John Mann

Panorama has ­already been criticised by Member of Parliament  John Mann, who has tried to expose child abuse rings.

He tweeted last month: "Panorama ... Looking like a hatchet job on survivors."


Police investigating sex abuse claims against Sir Cliff Richard are ready to hand evidence files to prosecutors.

The former child actor Terry Sue-Patt (above) played the part of the schoolboy Benny Green in the BBC children's TV series called Grange Hill.

Terry Sue-Patt was found dead in his home.

Terry Sue-Patt 'lay dead in his home for up to a month before his body was found' by police in Walthamstow in London.

Friend Lee MacDonald, 46, who played Zammo in Grange Hill, told the Sunday Mirror: 'It has been such a massive shock, I'm ­devastated.'

Terry Sue-Patt joined Grange Hill in 1978.

Terry Sue-Patt: Tragic Grange Hill star lay dead in his home for a MONTH - Mirror Online

Terry's younger brother, Michael, died in a car crash in Leyton, in London, in 1989.

Mark Eadie

What happened to the other child actors in Grange Hill?

1. Mark Eadie was sexually abused by Rupert Massey a showbiz lawyer.

"The ex-actor, who has fought depression and a breakdown, was too ill to testify against Massey at the trial in Wolverhampton.

"In the late 70s, Mark was Andrew Stanton in Grange Hill... He met Massey at 14 and was invited to Bournemouth, where the lawyer lived."


Greville Janner, a top Jewish politician, used his Bournemouth holiday home to 'entertain' teenage boys. dailymail

2. Lee MacDonald, Zammo, hoped to make it as a boxer but a car crash at 21 cut short his career.

3. John Alford, Robbie, went to jail as a result of a 'drugs sting'.

Lee Towsey (Police)

4. Lee Towsey was sexually abused at the Elm Guest House boy brothel, which has been linked to MI5.

At the Elm guest house child brothel in London, police officers reportedly had sex with underage boys.

Former child actor Lee Towsey has told a police investigation that, at the age of 16, he was sexually abused by various policemen at the brothel.

Lee Towsey acted in the BBC's Doctor Who and the BBC's Grange Hill.

Vincent S. aged 10 yrs, from Grafton Children's Home, was taken to Elm Guest House (above) and to a house in Bexhill.

Reportedly, the customers at Elm guest house included top Conservative politicians, a world-famous pop star, judges, a member of the royal household and at least one agent of the security service MI5.

Reportedly, children from a children's care home were brought to the Elm guest house to be abused by members of the elite.

Reportedly, some of the children were taken by members of parliament to Holland to be abused.

Peter Hatton-Bornshin, victim of Elm guest house.

Allegedly, some of the children linked to Elm Guest House were murdered.

It is believed by some that the security services used children's homes throughout the UK as child brothels.

It is believed that Sir Jimmy Savile was one of those working for the security services.

 Carole Kasir, who was allegedly murdered.

According to Lee Towsey: Carole Kasir, the owner of the brothel, paid protection money to the police.

Lee Towsey slept with three people at the Elm Guest House. 

Lee says: "They all turned out to be police."

Lee was threatened by the police.

He says: "They told me they could pick me up at any time and told me keep my mouth shut."


Andrew Ash, victim of Elm guest house.

Lee was contacted by detectives from Operation Fernbridge in 2012. 

He says: "They haven’t moved anything on."

Member of Parliament Simon Danczuk says: "This isn’t just about Sir Cyril Smith. This is a much wider network of paedophiles."


The Elm Guest House

Lee Towsey now runs a photographic business.

He has said that he fears for his life.


Ben Fellows

According to former child actor Ben Fellows, the British entertainment industry is crawling with pedophiles,.

"I ran a gauntlet of pedophiles - both at the BBC and at other television production companies, and also in theatres, as well as on commercial photo shoots...

"I was chased around the dressing room by a naked actor who had invited me into their dressing room at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane - and this actor was extremely famous.

"I was advised by the director of the musical that I was not to complain, or tell anyone of this incident. I was thirteen years old... so I didn't."

On one occasion he was seduced by a female BBC producer who regularly had sex with teenage boys.

On another occasion he was reportedly molested by cabinet minister Ken Clarke MP, who reportedly gave him alcohol and groped his penis through his trousers.

Fellows says he knows child actors who committed suicide because of the abuse they suffered.

Satanist Pedophiles Rule Great Britain - henrymakow.com

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