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when a case of rape is reported, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe it is necessary for the police to question the alleged perpetrators without delay;

when a case of rape is reported, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe it is necessary for the police immediately to search the homes of those named for corroborative evidence;

when a case of rape is reported, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe it is necessary to seize and examine the computers of those named at the earliest opportunity;

when allegations of rape are supported by evidence from well-respected medical and psychological experts who unanimously confirm not only that systematic abuse has taken place, but go so far as to name two of the most likely perpetrators, you, as representative of the Crown Office, believe it right to dismiss their testimony and allow those named to leave the country;

when a school doctor twice reports an under-age girl to be at risk, and that girl’s headmaster - one of those subsequently named as a serial rapist - consistently fails to alert the child’s mother or to take any steps to protect her, you, as representative of the Crown Office, believe this to be the normal behaviour of a responsible, and guiltless, person;

when a case of rape is reported by a girl with speech difficulties, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe it is necessary to supply her with support during police interviews, but are happy to use her handicap, in this respect, to discredit her spoken evidence;

when a case of repeated multiple gang rape over many years is reported by a young girl who also names seven fellow victims, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe that, in view of the Scottish law regarding corroboration, it is absolutely essential that the police question those she has named immediately.

When an acknowledged victim of rape receives a substantial award from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, you, as representative of the Crown Office, feel justified in continuing to maintain that the allegations on which this award was based were fully investigated and found to be false.


The document produced by the Police Complaints Commission for Scotland included the lines. "The position, as far as I can determine it, is that there seems a sufficiency of evidence to accept, on the balance of probability, that X was sexually abused, and that this has included penetration of her private parts. Given that X, because of her disabilities, has been closely supervised throughout her life, the perpetrator is most likely to have been someone close to her who had regular, unsupervised access.”


Re Alex Salmond's non-compliance with the Information Commissioner until threatened with criminal proceedings: in Scotland's only independent law magazine, The Firm, 11 July 2011, we read: 'Last month the Scottish Ministers were compelled by the Information Commissioner to address a series of questions put to the First Minister in correspondence in relation to the (Hollie Greig) case in January this year, the first of which was: “When did you first become aware of the allegations made by Hollie Greig about her being abused by members of a high-ranking paedophile ring in Scotland?” The commissioner required the Scottish Ministers to respond by today’s date or risk being held in contempt of court.' A letter to Robert Green from the Information Commissioner dated 10 April 2014 states: 'I am writing in response to your letter of 6 April 2014 ... in which you asked for the date on which the Commissioner issued the decision referenced in the Firm Magazine's articles. The Commissioner's decision was issued on 26 May 2011.' It was not until they were under threat of criminal proceedings that the First Minister's Office came up with an answer, saying it was impossible to give a date, since all the relevant records had been lost. However, the magazine goes on to say, 'The Firm has seen correspondence from the Crown Office dated 23 July 2009 addressed to the Greig family’s lay representative Robert Green, which suggests that correspondence addressed to the First Minister outlining the allegations was received over two years ago.' Re the likely validity of Hollie Greig's claims, The Firm writes, 'Greig received a payout of £13,500 from the criminal injuries compensation authority, and was described by Detective Inspector Iain Allen of Grampian Police as “a truthful witness to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim.” ' Ample expert witness statements from respected police and medical professionals, including Hollie's school doctor, back up her allegations. Of 22 persons named by Hollie as abusers, only two (her father and her brother) have ever been even superficially questioned by the police. Even though her father and brother were described in a police report as having 'a predilection for very young girls', they were allowed to go abroad to Portugal, where they run a business connected called 'Daisy Chain' which involves frequent travel to and from South America. The implication of the Crown Office's claim that 'a thorough investigation has taken place' is, therefore, that a thorough investigation does not require those accused by an acknowledged victim to be interrogated, nor does it require their computers to be seized or their homes searched before despoliation of evidence occurs.

Friday, 29 April 2016


End statute of limitations on child sexual abuse cases: victim advocates

A day after former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was sentenced to prison in a federal banking case tied to the decades-old sexual abuse of a high school wrestler he coached, victim advocates say it's time to get rid of the deadlines for prosecuting child sex crimes.
In handing down the 15-month prison sentence Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Thomas Durkin repeatedly slammed Hastert as a "serial child molester" after he acknowledged there were several sexual abuse victims. But prosecutors have noted that Hastert could not be charged with sex crimes in those cases because the statute of limitations had long passed.
In front of the Chicago Archdiocese's Gold Coast headquarters, members of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests pushed for state and federal changes regarding statutes of limitations on sex crimes against children and called on the public to pick up the phone and ask their elected officials to act.
SNAP wants Illinois to join the handful of states that have removed statutes of limitations for child sex crimes.
In 2013, then-Gov. Pat Quinn signed legislation that eliminated the criminal statute of limitations for sex crimes that occurred before the victim turned 18 in limited situations. However the law does not work retroactively, leaving some victims with no recourse, SNAP President Barbara Blaine told reporters.
"We are calling on lawmakers in Illinois (to) eliminate the statutes of limitations for once and for all. Protect children, help victims heal and hold perpetrators accountable," Blaine said.
"We need to hold people like Dennis Hastert accountable regardless of when the victims are able to report," Blaine, whose group is best known as advocates for victims of clergy sex abuse, said at a noontime news conference Thursday.
"It's good that Dennis Hastert was found guilty of the crime involving banking, but we know that the real crimes were the sex abuse … and they are not the crimes for which he was convicted. And we think he should be convicted for those child sex crimes."
"When a prosecutor cannot indict an offender for these heinous acts because the statute of limitations has run, it raises serious moral, legal and ethical questions," Attorney General Lisa Madigan said in a news release.
Blaine praised Madigan, who also urged state lawmakers to eliminate the statute of limitations for all felony criminal sexual assault cases and any sexual abuse cases involving children.
"We support Lisa Madigan's call to eliminate statutes of limitation. It's time. Illinois has waited too long, it's time now," Blaine said.
She said giving sexual abuse victims the ability to seek justice against their abusers allows for more victims to be heard.
"Even though the courts of Illinois are not perfect, we think that it would make children safer if we cracked open those doors even a little more" she said. "If victims have the chance to report and come forward, usually more victims come forward as well."
In addition to changing state law, Blaine and Anne Clark, an advocate who has worked with federal lawmakers to try to repeal the federal statute of limitations on child sex crimes, said lawmakers should back two separate U.S. Senate bills. One, named after Adam Walsh, a 6-year-old Florida boy murdered by a serial killer, would push the federal statute of limitations from three years to 10, and the other would offer federal grants to states that extend or eliminate unexpired statutes of limitations in child sexual abuse cases.
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Babies tested for alcohol in pregnancy drinking study

Image copyright Thinkstock
Image caption The study suggests 15% of women drink more than one or two small glasses of wine a week during pregnancy

Newborn babies are being tested for alcohol after researchers raised concerns about pregnant women drinking regularly.
Samples from hundreds of babies born at the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital in Glasgow are being studied for alcohol by-products.
Results suggest about 40% of mothers consume some alcohol while pregnant.
However, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service said pregnant women "need support not surveillance".
The study found that about 15% of women drink more than one or two small glasses of wine a week during pregnancy.
The Scottish government warns that drinking in pregnancy can lead to long-term harm to the baby. And the more alcohol consumed, the greater the risk.

Developmental problems

Previous research found that even moderate drinking during the earliest months of pregnancy may be damaging.
The latest study is funded by the Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity.
It will take 750 samples of meconium - the first faeces of a newborn - to look for high levels of alcohol by-products.
Mothers will also be asked to complete a lifestyle questionnaire.
The occasional drink will not be highlighted by the study, researchers said.
It is hoped the work will lead to reducing the effects of foetal alcohol syndrome, a condition where children suffer developmental problems because their mothers drank during pregnancy.

Image copyright Thinkstock
Image caption Alcohol by-products remain in a newborn baby if its mother drank during pregnancy
Consultant neonatologist Dr Helen Mactier, who is leading the research, told The Herald newspaper: "Alcohol consumption in pregnancy is almost certainly contributing to a lot of learning disability in Scotland and learning disability is associated with poor school performance and criminality in the long term."
Dr Mactier said mothers from all walks of life were involved in the study.
She added: "There is an assumption that all problem drinking in pregnancy is associated with poverty and there is no evidence to confirm that.
"It is much easier to conceal problem drinking if you are affluent and if you are clever."
Dr Mactier said the 15% figure from the initial tests was more concerning.
Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland, she added: "We collected over 200 samples and these were analysed for fatty acids ethyl ester and a much newer metabolite, ethyl glucuronide.
"We found ethyl glucuronide in 15%, and from literature recently published from America that would suggest that about one in seven women are drinking around about four or five drinks of alcohol several days a week, which we would consider significant alcohol."

'Pregnancy policing'

Dr Mactier said: "I think we're very well aware that women commonly under-report alcohol consumption in pregnancy. They are scared of repercussions and of being stigmatised and alcohol consumption is normalised in the west of Scotland particularly.
"What one person considers a small drink could be considered a larger drink by someone else. I would concur with the chief scientist's message that women should not be drinking at all in pregnancy."
The British Pregnancy Advisory Service said the study was "a worrying development in what is now the increasing policing of pregnancy".
A spokesman said: "It is known that consuming large quantities of alcohol throughout pregnancy can result in lifelong learning disabilities, but little evidence of this at lower levels.
"It is unclear how the information gathered in this study will be used, and whether this will set a precedent for more widespread testing of babies - in order to 'test' their mothers' claims of how much drank while pregnant.
"The growing trend towards monitoring pregnant women, and blaming all issues that children face on their mothers' behaviour in pregnancy, is something that should concern all of us involved in women's reproductive healthcare and advocacy."

Police Scotland suffer Facebook backlash after online survey

Police Scotland suffer Facebook backlash after online survey

A social media campaign by Police Scotland backfired after responses to an online survey on Facebook turned into an avalanche of criticism against the service.
Tayside division posted a link to the Local Policing Consultation questionnaire on their Facebook page and encouraged users to provide feedback.
One of those who commented was the mother of Kairon McKay, who was tragically killed last October after being knocked down by a car near Longforgan.
Speaking after responding to the survey, Kairon’s mum, Laura, told The Courier that she still wonders if her son would still be alive if police had responded to calls from members of the public.
She said: “When my son was killed I got so many messages from people saying that they had let police know that kids were playing on the road.
“But the police never responded and they never went to see if there were kids there.
“If they had gone to see then maybe Kairon would still alive.”
Laura made it clear she did not blame the police for the tragedy.
“After the event the police really went beyond the call of duty – they were so supportive,” she continued.
“No one is to blame for what happened that night.
“Kairon should not have been on the road, he should have known better.
“But things could have been different if the police had responded to the calls.”
Laura had responded to the questionnaire by posting: “There was over six calls made to say my son was playing on the road with older boys concerned passing drivers.
“An hour later my son was hit and killed by a car because police ignored the calls.
“I’m not blaming the police but calls like that should be taken seriously and I hope from now on they are.”
Other critics on the site posted about what they perceived as a lack of professionalism from some police officers.
One accused officers of being “bullies and trouble makers” while others complained about a lack of officers on the beat.
Some, however, did spring to Police Scotland’s defence, noting that police do a good job at keeping criminals off the street.
Facebook user Lesley Ann Wilkinson was shocked at some of the abuse people were posting.
She said in a post: “I’ve been on the wrong side of the law for a long time, until five years ago when I cleaned my act up.
“I remember the police trying to help me hundreds of times. Scottish prisons are overcrowded with thieves, rapists, murderers and more and if it wasn’t for our police force and their work we’d be playing dodge the criminal.
“And this is coming from an ex-convict, which says more about you guys slating our police force than anything else.”
A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “It is important for us to listen to the views of our communities, in order that we can provide the best service possible in Tayside.
“Our new online survey can be completed 24-hours a day, throughout this year and only takes around 15 minutes.
“We want to provide a high standard of service which delivers effective policing, tailored to meet your needs.
“The responses to the consultation process will be continuously monitored and quarterly progress reports will be published on the Police Scotland website.”

Aangirfan Thursday, 28 April 2016 HAMPSTEAD COVER UP

Thursday, 28 April 2016





  1. Like Gabriel and Alisa, Hollie Greig, Fiona Barnett and so many countless others that have tried to tell their story and their voices were never heard...


    ...isn't it time we start listening?

    In the continuing horrible saga Aangirfan I'm sure you've already seen it:

    Donald Trump furiously denies woman's claims in lawsuit that she was raped by the tycoon and used as a 13-year-old 'sex slave' at billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's 'sex parties' in 1994


    Aangirfan quote of the week:

    'Your secret government uses child abuse rings in order to control key judges, police officers, journalists, politicians, church leaders, doctors and all the other people who help to run your country.

    Some people have not yet noticed that 'the police and the media protect the top child abusers such as Jimmy Savile and Jeffrey Epstein.'

  2. "Twinning!"

    In other oddities I've noticed in the Dailyfail since we are mentioning twins (well the Hampstead Children may not be biological twins but close enough) and Mk mind control conditioning, the Bush girls, all grown up, are in the limelight again for some reason, they seem ideal Mk subjects. These two's lofty imaginations and rebellions screams abuse:

    Barbara Bush admits she once RODE her twin Jenna at a wedding and reveals the sisters still host 'slumber parties' in loving essay dedicated to her 'partner in mischief'

    I found it quite odd and strangely ominous one Bush daughter named her current youngest "Poppy", obviously an homage' to her great-great Nazi infiltrator grandfather George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. or, as his Skull and Bones boy's called him... "Poppy", in honor of the powerful opiate and debilitator of countries, heroin, that has continued to make him and his cabal rich.

  3. A Nation Betrayed - Secret Cold War Experiments Performed On Our Children and Other Innocent People (a 10-page summary)!

    ---cover ups, cover ups & cover ups...!

UK Column News 29-th April - Ian R Crane Found Guilty By a Single Judge

Thursday, 28 April 2016


Alex Salmond is on BBC QT, lording it up about how the PTB in England are responsible for cover-up, perverting the course of justice etc for the Hillsburgh Scandal...!

Salmond, does not see the hypocrisy of his words....

Just show's how confident he is of being protected by the legal Mafia..?


Serial rapist who attacked FIVE women - and was allowed to continue his campaign of terror on lone strangers despite being arrested TWICE as police repeatedly freed him on bail - is jailed for life

  • Liban Abdi, 28, was on bail for burglary when he assaulted three women
  • One of his victims - targeted while she was out for a walk-  was in her 70s
  • Abdi was told he will serve at least twelve years behind bars for his crimes
  • Police fear that other women may also have been attacked by the rapist 
Liban Abdi has been jailed for life after assaulting at least five women
Liban Abdi has been jailed for life after assaulting at least five women
An obsessive serial sexual predator who targeted lone women after being repeatedly released on bail by police has been jailed for life.
Liban Abdi, 28, was on bail for burglary when he sexually assaulted three women – including one in her 70s – on the same day.
He then raped a fourth woman after dragging her into a pub car park before being arrested by police again.
But when they let him out on bail he went on to pounce on another woman as she opened the front door of her home.
Police fear unemployed Abdi could be responsible for many more attacks on women who have been too scared to come forward.
Today, the career criminal was jailed for life and to serve a minimum of 12 years.
A judge said he clearly planned all the attacks.
Judge Grace Amakye said: ‘I am satisfied that your offences are so serious that a sentence of life imprisonment is required and that is the sentence which I impose.’
Abdi, who has a goatee beard, pulled his red tracksuit top over his mouth and hung his shaved head in his hands as he heard the verdict.
Snaresbrook Crown Court was told Abdi, born in Britain to Somali parents, was a prolific criminal with 13 convictions whose criminal career began when he was just 14.
In 2007 he was jailed for three years for wounding his own brother. 
He was jailed again in June 2011 and sentenced to 42 months’ for robbery.
His last conviction was in April last year for indecent exposure and shouting vile lewd and racist comments to a group of white women.
Abdi carried out all the sex attacks while on bail for breaking into a woman’s bedroom as she slept and stealing an iPad.
The predator was captured on CCTV on December 4 2014 just before attacking a woman he followed on a bus
The predator was captured on CCTV on December 4 2014 just before attacking a woman he followed on a bus
Prosecutors said he targeted petite Asian women telling one victim as he raped her twice: ‘I love Chinese and Japanese.’
The three women he attacked on November 29 2014, were all of ‘Oriental appearance,’ the court was told.
Abdi throttled the woman in her 70s before putting his hand down her trousers as she took her daily walk in Poplar, East London.
A short while later he groped a second woman nearby at an underpass beside Blackwall Docklands Light Railway station.
On that day he also attacked a woman in her own hallway, pushing her onto the floor before groping her.
He then struck again five days later, dragging a woman he followed on a bus into a pub car park where he twice raped her.
Police arrested him at his home on December 7, 2014, and seized a distinctive red and green striped New York Yankees cap and a mobile phone but released him.
Five months later he attempted to overpower a woman as she entered her home in Bethnal Green at around 6am.
But she fought him off after pleading with him that ‘I am human too’ and screamed causing him to run away before he was arrested.
Prosecutor Sandip Patel QC said: ‘He was clearly targeting Oriental females.
‘We know he was arrested shortly after the burglary and was bailed and, therefore, we know that he was on bail when he committed the offences.’
In a statement read to the court, one victim said she has been left a ‘shell of my former self’ by the attack.
Another said: ‘Now my landlord wants to evict me because I can’t work to make the extra money.
‘The attack lasted merely seconds, but the effects have lasted ever since. I have no idea what sort of man could such a thing. He has ruined my life.’
Abdi was convicted by a jury of sexual assault, rape, attempted rape, assault by beating, assault and assault by penetration.
Speaking after the case, DC Tim Duffin, of the Metropolitan Police, said: ‘Abdi targeted lone women and put them through a terrible ordeal.
‘It is possible that there may be other women who were attacked by Abdi who are yet to contact police. I would ask them to call us so that we can help in any way possible.’


One of several offensive emails David Crompton sent about :


    asking MPs about Madeleine . 2 cops sent to Q us. Explained position & they left interest
  1. Met Police chief on search for Madeleine McCann: "There is a line of inquiry that everybody agrees is worthwhile pursuing."


Paedophiles who look at low-level child porn online should be sent to counselling not court, says head of National Crime Agency 

  • Lynne Owens says it could help catch more who are abusing children
  • 'Massive' scale of abuse images online means problem getting too big 
  • NCA boss suggests those looking at low-level images will get an email
  • They would be encouraged to seek help from a charity or counsellor 
Change: National Crime Agency boss Lynne Owens has suggested people who look at low-level child porn could be offer counselling instead of jail
Change: National Crime Agency boss Lynne Owens has suggested people who look at low-level child porn could be offer counselling instead of jail
People who look at low-level child porn could be offered counselling instead of jail because of the 'massive' amount of abuse material online, the head of Britain’s ‘FBI’ has said.
National Crime Agency boss Lynne Owens has said that the move could help focus on tackling the paedophiles who are abusing children themselves.
Ms Owens believes that huge volume of paedophilic material now being shared online requires a radical change.
The police chief has said that those viewing 'low-level' abuse images could be contacted by investigators by email or instant message.
But instead of arresting them they may suggest they seek help from charities or counselling services that will move them back to conventional adult-based pornography.
Ms Owens, who earns £214,000-a-year running the NCA, said that this could free up the authorities to prosecute more of those looking at high-level images or actively abusing children themselves.  
She told The Times: '(If) it looks like they're not individually engaged in abusing children, they are just viewing the images, but we want them to stop, you can see it could be possible, with a whole load of ethical checks and balances, to try and make contact with them overtly and get them to engage with charities to improve their offending behaviour.
'I want to crack down and pursue those people who are abusing children now. So much work and effort is directed on those who are sharing images. 
'I think we need to increase our focus on those who are involved in the actual abuse. One of the things we are now looking at is how confident could we be that somebody who is viewing images online is not abusing children themselves'.
Record numbers of web pages containing child sexual abuse images are being detected following a dramatic spike in reports, a watchdog revealed yesterday.
Warning: The police chief has that those viewing 'low-level' abuse images could be contacted by investigators by email or instant message
Warning: The police chief has that those viewing 'low-level' abuse images could be contacted by investigators by email or instant message
Some 68,092 URLs were identified and taken down by the Internet Watch Foundation last year - a rise of 118 per cent on 2014.
Pages containing child sexual abuse imagery were recorded by the organisation at a rate of nearly 200 every day.
In October action was taken on a record-breaking 941 web pages in a single day. Each confirmed report could involve one or 1,000 images.
Britain's most senior female police officer Lynne Owen has been outspoken on child abuse since she was handed the £214,000-a-year role running the 'UK's FBI'.
Last month she said the police prioritise current cases over allegations of historical sex abuse had a "responsibility" to catch current offenders.
She also questioned whether an in-depth criminal investigation was appropriate if an alleged offender was dead or deeply unwell. 
It emerged earlier this year she was facing the sack from her old job as Chief Constable of Surrey Police because of the force's failure to protect children, including murdered teenager Breck Bednar.
A letter published in February showed that Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner Kevin Hurley accused her of 'moral cowardice' for blaming others for a 'litany of failures'. 
But before Mr Hurley could move to dismiss her she was appointed director-general of the National Crime Agency in November.
When she was at charge at Surrey she also admitted there were a number of crimes that police couldn't investigate because of work pressures.
She said pursuing people who make off without paying for petrol was given as one example of the type of offence Surrey Police would no longer probe.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3553358/Paedophiles-look-low-level-child-abuse-sent-counselling-not-court-says-head-National-Crime-Agency.html#ixzz479ej56xE
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From: Andy Muirhead

Dear Northern Constabulary,
I am enquiring into obtaining the files into the death of Willie MacRae, an SNP activist on April 7, 1985.
Could I have a copy of the evidence inventory, any photos of the crash scene and witness statements please. Information on the weapon reportedly used by MacRae to committ suicide and if possible a photograph of said weapon.
I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
Yours faithfully,
Andy Muirhead

From: FOI, Inverness

Attachment Response to Request 176 13.doc
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Attachment macrae 1.jpg
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Good afternoon Mr Muirhead

Please find attached response to your request which was sent to us prior to Northern Constabulary becoming the Highland & Islands Division of Police Scotland. If you wish to make any FOI request in the future please email/write to the FOI Central Processing Unit based at 173 Pitt Street, Glasgow, G2 4JS, [email address] who co-ordinate all FOI requests for Police Scotland.

The information attached was held on the legacy Northern Constabulary website, however this has as yet to be forwarded to the Police Scotland website.

As there is a considerable amount of photographs and newspaper cuttings I propose to email you separate amounts. Further emails to follow.

Kind regards


Andrene MacLeod
Information Management Unit

Office: 01463 720555
Website: http://www.scotland.police.uk
Twitter: @policescotland
Facebook: www.facebook.com/policescotland

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From: FOI, Inverness

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Further information

Andrene MacLeod
Information Management Unit

Office: 01463 720555
Website: http://www.scotland.police.uk
Twitter: @policescotland
Facebook: www.facebook.com/policescotland

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From: FOI, Inverness

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Further information.

Andrene MacLeod
Information Management Unit

Office: 01463 720555
Website: http://www.scotland.police.uk
Twitter: @policescotland
Facebook: www.facebook.com/policescotland

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From: FOI, Inverness

Attachment macrae n veh rep.jpg
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Last email.

Kind regards


Andrene MacLeod
Information Management Unit

Office: 01463 720555
Website: http://www.scotland.police.uk
Twitter: @policescotland
Facebook: www.facebook.com/policescotland

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Things to do with this request

Northern Constabulary only: